SheetCam Help Torch Hitting Parts

Hi guys I just bought SheetCam because I got fed up with Fusion360 CAM.

The problem I consistently have is once a part is cut, it will tip up or half way fall between the slats. Then the torch will run into that previously cut part causing the whole piece of material to move.

In sheetcam how do I tell it to not go over previously cut parts?

I inserted a picture of the current sign im working on. The torch crashed into the number 9 as the tool path goes over previous cut parts.

Thanks and let me know!

You can easily change the Starts for each contour so that you can control when each contour is cut and where it exits & goes for the next cut. Look for SheetCam Start tutorial, Arc Light Dynamics has a pretty good one.

UPDATE: Post your .JOB file if you want to see what I mean. You’ll need to zip the .JOB file and post that.

Somewhat off-topic, but is your sign larger than the table size in only one direction? It appears as if it’s less than 24" tall, but larger than 24" wide. If so, you can cut this in one piece. Search the forum for ‘Indexed cuts’.

I hover over my cuts with a magnet to pick up those pesky parts that tip over.

I pull a few slats in my laser when small internal cuts do this, they just drop through… or babysit and grab it. Ive got a second set that that I’m welding perpendicular tabs on every other slats to make grid. Also had decent luck putting 1/2" L stock ontop of slats to support sheet stock, but let parts drop to the slats with hinging up and crashing. If that’s not enough, add small grid chicken wire on slats, then L stock. The L is facing open side down… ^

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