SheetCam full application

Anyone who has purchased SheetCam… How did you get the download? Was it right away? or was there a lag? Paid for it this morning…waiting, waiting, waiting. Any help on how you get the full app. after you pay would be appreciated.



You just download it off their site. You get the license emailed to you, the. You install the license per their instructions.

The download already contains the full version, just without the license it limits the number of lines of code so you can’t cut anything beyond a simple shape.


look in your junk box for the license.


Took about an hour to get the email for the license when i purchased it…

Yes, I got nervous when it took a little while… but i got the email and all worked out…

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Langmuir does not do the licensing so I had to deal with SheetCAM also. I emailed SheetCam under similar circumstances as you. I sent them my Langmuir order number and SheetCAM sent me license code again since I could not find the original email I assume SheetCAM sent me. SheetCAM was quick with the reply.

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Thanks to all, PayPal had a pending on the money. The owner of Sheetcam emailed me and gave me a 30 day license to use until the PayPal cleared. Pretty solid customer service if you ask me.

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That’s been my experience!

I am newbies with sheetcam I watch many video on youtube to learn this software. I have problem to start with a basic setup, I watch arclight Dynamics . Sometime when i put value on dialog box, when i clic to accept all the value some change and replace per other . I import a file test and select contour method and set to outside offset, the file test is a square steel plate 6’‘x6’’ with four half inch holes starting point for all holes his on the top draw line and the green line is inside the hole . Also I have and other problem a second green line 1/4 inch offset of on the upper side of my part like if i will have and other cut .I do some mistake for sure , when create the operation a bleu line start on uper right and my part is on lower left . If somone can give some help it will be apreciate thank you

If you zip up the .JOB file and post it here, we can look at the design AND your tool settings. It will be easier to understand what’s wrong.

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