Sheetcam for Mac with Crossover - review

Thought I’d post this as an option for Mac users who might want to run Sheetcam.

I originally ran Sheetcam on my Win box but I’d been looking for possible Mac options since I do all my design work on my MacBook… About 3 months ago I came across Crossover which lets you run Win apps in a virtual environment on your Mac.

Sheetcam wasn’t one of the supported apps but I thought I’d give it a try. I figured worse case scenario it’s crap and I go back to what I was already doing.

I installed Sheetcam to test on the demo mode of crossover (2 week trial I think). Had no problems with the install and seemed to run fine and post process files with no issues so once the trial was up I purchased it (around 80.00 US).

In the last few months I’ve been running it I’ve had no problems with it outside of having to figure out the file structure because Crossover creates a duplicate virtual Windows file structure. No crashing, glitching or anything of the sort so I’m pretty comfortable recommending it as an option for Sheetcam. Only one caveat and that is when I got the latest upgrade notification in Sheetcam the auto upgrade failed. I had to uninstall the current version and then install the newer version. Not a big deal because Sheetcam gives you the option to save your license and settings when you uninstall.

So I give it a thumbs up. You should at least be familiar with the windows world if you do install it would be my only warning.

And as always no warranty is expressed or implied :grin: YMMV

I’d be interested to hear if anyone else out there is running it or gives it a try.



great information to share…thanks…
many people will like this

I do the same thing, but I use parallels on my M1 Mac to run sheet cam.

The thing runs windows better and is easier to use than my dell.

Yeah definitely another option. I’ve run VM’s in other circumstances but since Sheetcam is the only Win app I have these days I just didn’t want to dedicate the space and a complete OS for 1 thing so went with Crossover.

Same here, M1Pro and parallels. the nice thing is the file structure is the same across both and I can draw on the mac, same and immediacy load in window.

One other tip, Many of todays routers have a USB port, if you have an old disk drive you can get an enclosure for about $10 and just plug it in to your router.

Now you have a network file share. I post to my network file share and then I can move to the shop and load it on the shop computer from the network share. I have Sheetcam set up to post all my cut files to that folder. That way the nice new computer stays safe and clean inside, while the old one gets splashed with plasma water.

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Thanks for the info, I just downloaded my license for sheet cam and sheetcam to install on an I-mac 27
Am about to give this a go, not amazing with installing etc on PCs so here we go…
PS Have the XR pro on a ship to brisbane australia hopefully arrives end of December, currently have a new Macro just commissioned and need to convert DXFs

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Welcome to the forum and good luck with the install. Sheetcam installs pretty easily and I really like working with it.

Lots of folks here to help you out with issues so don’t hesitate to ask. Also the search function (magnifying glass in the upper right) is definitely your friend!

Look forward to seeing what you’ve got going once your table is up and cutting! :+1:


Thanks very, crossover installed easy enough and iv managed to load a file into sheetcam at this stage so now clicking buttons and opening option tabs etc
Plenty to come, cheers

Good stuff! Enjoy!!

Update to my initial review. Needed to reset some file access permissions to get full access to the Mac file structure but now can save to and access files on my network storage with no problems.

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Thanks so much, you will no doubt be hearing from me! I am going into production of excavator attachments

hey friend, I have my files in sheet cam but post processing error code of “evaluation limit reached” Its a paid lisence for sheet cam from Langmuir, are you able to shed some light on this for me please,


Hey no problem. First off, you should have received a license file from Sheetcam emailed to you. If you did it It needs to be installed.

You can check to make sure you have it licensed correctly by going to the Help tab in Sheetcam and checking the About option which should tell you if you have the license installed.

If not, go to the install License option and navigate to where the .lic file is, select it and install it.

That should do the trick. If you want to chat more about that you can DM me if you like.



Thanks, got it sorted late the other night, have produced g codes now attempting to load into current macro cut set up, XR should be here hopefully end of month

Good stuff! :+1:

Is there a setup for sheetcam using crossover for mac users? I am using an M1 Macbook Pro. I don’t see how to get the Crossfire v.1.6 scpost put into the crossover PC. Would love and appreciate some help.

I guess I could use some guidance setting up the file structure.

I don’t have an M1 but assume the file structure on my intel Mac is pretty much the same as the M1.

Yeah that kind of confused me at first. Been a while since I set it up so I’m going from memory here. When Crossover installs it creates a somewhat mirrored “PC” file structure out of the gate.What you see when you install Sheetcam is that mirrored file structure so it’s a bit confusing, the desktop folder you’ll see won’t be your Mac desktop. I had to go into Security and Privacy in system preferences, scroll to files and folder in left hand window and then I allowed crossover and sheetcam access to my volumes and folders because I guess it doesn’t by default.

Once I did that I was able to find My Mac HD and I think it comes up as my Y:/ drive.

As I said… Confusing.

But I got it sorted and it works fine. If you have any more questions you can DM me if you want. No problem.