Sheetcam fire control

Having problems with the starts of my cuts check out my video need some input

A couple of questions: What plasma cutter are you running? Amperage? What thickness material are you cutting?

From the video, it looks like it’s triggering the pierce, but does not pierce, then continues the program, with the torch re-triggering after about 1/2 a sec. I recall that some people are having issues with pierce delay settings of under .5 s. I know that on my RazorCut, I need to add .5 to my expected pierce delay. (i.e. - .1 = .6)

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Running cutmaster 52.
I just keep my Machine on 60 amps. Cutting 16ga. But it was doing the same thing on 3/16 and 1/4. I changed the delay back and forth and was getting same results

Try adding a longer lead in and out. It definitely doesn’t appear to be firing right.

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.1 seconds is way too short for the pierce delay. The pierce delay prevents the torch from moving until the delay has expired. If your torch is moving before it pierces, you need to make the delay longer.

Some Thermal Dynamics cutters have a safety feature that requires an extra 1.5 seconds on the first pierce delay. There is a modified Sheetcam post processor called “Firecontrol v1.6 TD mod retract” that adds the extra delay to the first pierce. The post processor should already be in the Sheetcam post processor library.

What mode do you have the machine set to? Run or Rapid restart?


I did try the longer lead in when from 1/4 to 1/2

Checked my post processor it on the right one

what do you mean about the run or rapid restart? sheetcam or fire control.

On the plasma cutter. The manual indicates that there are three modes. Those two are the only ones acceptable for CNC use .

Try setting it in the rapid restart mode and use the standard Firecontrol post processor that doesn’t add extra time to the first pierce.

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Im using the trigger lock on the machine

If you’re referring to the “latch” setting with a padlock icon, that’s only for hand cutting. It allows you to release the trigger once the cut starts and it shuts off when you lift the Torch away from the metal.

You should be using the Run mode or the Rapid auto restart mode. I think the rapid auto restart mode bypasses the need for the longer delay on the first pierce.

After i read your post it makes sense you don’t need the plasma cutter to have trigger lock on ( latch) . I will try it in the morning with the lock off /run and will let you know how I make out.

That was the problem i tryed it on just the open trigger and on the Expanded metal setting worked perfectly. So some good input if you running your table on some plate that has holes your going to run over put it on the expanded metal setting so it doesn’t loose its arc