Sheetcam Erroring out

So I am new to all this stuff (CNC, etc…) But I’ve successfully made a handful of cuts starting with Fusion 360, and recently Sheetcam. My process has been to create a SVG file from outlines created in Illustrator. I’ve made some simple squares to a tree and a few parts in between with little issues. Today I went to make a simple shape when I realized (in Sheetcam) that my paths from AI were not great and inside of 1 pierce and cut, it was going to stop and repeirce a few times. I noticed this when running the simulation. So I went back into AI, redrew the lines as 1 continuous outline, restarted sheetcam and imported my drawing. It just hung on “Checking Arc Centers” on the import. I’ve never even noticed that little box before. After a force close I tried again, same thing. Then I tried to open my other projects that I successfully cut in the past. They errorred out as well. Then I uninstalled and reinstalled Sheetcam and it’s doing the same thing on all drawings that worked well in the past 2 days to 2 weeks. Not sure where to go from here.
I’ll attach a copy of the file that caused the original error. It is a sideways “U” shaped rectangle. Or a “c” if I wasn’t being stupid…

Edit: Just to clarify, when I open a drawing that worked in the past. It will open, but the second I zoom in/out with the scroll wheel on the mouse, then Sheetcam freezes.


I installed the latest version and everything seems to be working.


trying to do a part…and this keeps popping up…even after a reboot…

Sorry for the delay in replying. What version of SheetCam are you using? I’d recommend upgrading to the latest version.


I always keep it updated…

That’s odd. You have an old plugin file for some reason. Try uninstalling and reinstalling. You can download the latest version from the SheetCam downloads page.
When you uninstall it will ask if you want to keep your settings. Answer yes. To be absolutely sure, make a backup of your settings before uninstalling. To do this go to Help->open settings folder and make copies of all of teh files in there.

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