Sheetcam Error when trying to simulate

I just recently downloaded sheetcam and imported the firecontrol postprocessor. I have setup several cutting tools and created the jet cutting operation and when I go to see the simulation - I hit start and then i get an error saying the feed rate is zero and no motion is possible. in the tool menu i have the feedrates set to the numbers of the forum chart for amps and speeds


Are you running the simulation in Sheetcam or a dry run in Firecontrol?

Sorry i forgot to say i am trying to use the simulate command in sheetcam

Post a screenshot of your tool settings and the jet cutting operation.

Do you have a license or are you using the demo version?

The demo version is limited to 180 lines of code, but I don’t know if that applies to the simulation. In the post processed file, the program speed is commented on the last line, so it won’t be there if the file gets cut off at 180 lines.

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