Sheetcam Contour Selection

Hello All,
I am having some issues with Sheetcam in how the program is generating inside and outside offsets.

The project i am working on is stacked sign (see photo below of the end goal).

I complete all my drafting in Draftsight and have all the inside cut and outside cuts on separate layers. This all comes into sheetcam correctly but when I try to generate the tool path it will cut on the wrong side of some of the holes/ contours when i create it as one part.

Is there a way to generate the tool paths properly when it is one part? or does it need to be created as two parts?

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Are you selecting the correct layer and inside or outside offset as needed in the cutting operation?

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If it comes in as separate layers and you want to cut it all at once, use the “edit contours” tool to move all of the lines to a single layer. For what you are trying to cut, it would be simpler to have it all as a single design. Then Sheetcam will be able to correctly assign the inside and outside offsets.

To cut the backer, you would simply use the “edit contours” tool to select the outer contour and move that to another layer. Then you would set up an operation that only cuts that layer.

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Agree (almost). I would put the individual parts on their own layer, this way you can cut them in phases, fitting them into your stock to fit. So, in this case, move all the shapes, including the holes, for the Oiler part to a layer called ‘oiler’. Then create a single operation with an outside cut. Sheetcam will highlight all the outside cuts with red and the inside cuts with yellow automatically. It will also perform the inside cuts before the outside cuts.

Even if you assign the individual parts to their own layers, you can still do the job in one step by making multiple operations. This gives you more flexibility on when you do each part.


Just for clarity, Outside offset cuts are Red and Inside offset cuts are Yellow.

@AJROGERS If you have already separated the cuts into layers by offset(which is not necessary in Sheetcam) you can set up a separate operation for each layer. You just need to select the proper layer and offset in your jet cutting operation. For example: in the picture you have what I assume is a layer for your inside offset cuts. If you go into the jet cutting operation that you already set up for that layer, you should be able to change the offset to Inside.


Ooops! :flushed: I corrected my post. Thanks for pointing that out!

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Thanks all for the replies and help. I am now able to get everything to cut with the correct offset!