SheetCam and Fire Control Software

If you sell a machine is the software transferable to the new owner?

firecontrol is not rgistered to any one person…anyone can download it…it only runs on Langmuir boxes…so if you sell your table they can taske the table and download the Firecontrol on thier own computer and use it with the table…

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If the machine is an original and uses Mach3 then technically, no, you can’t. The Mach3 Registration is in your name and has your name in the title. However, if you never want to use that Mach3 again, then there isn’t anything preventing you from giving the SW & License to the next person as long as you accept the fact that your name will be perpetually on the Mach 3 Title bar.

UPDATE: I just noticed that you said FireControl AND SheetCam in the title. I suspect that, if you contact @LesNewell at SheetCam, he may be able to provide better guidance on that license.