Sheet Steel Suppliers

Just a quick question, as I’ve been working with a couple of suppliers but haven’t found anything great yet…

What types of sources are y’all using for metal supply? Big regional steel houses or small local metal suppliers?

I’m struggling to figure out if I’m getting ripped off or not. Perhaps we could also share some pricing on common sizes.

I have a quote right now for 1/4" A36 48x96 at $327. $682 for 1/2".

I just got started and got a 4x8 hot rolled of 14ga for around $60 plus $3 to cut (shear) in half. The company is Patton’s but it’s just here in SoCal I think.

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Biggest couple of questions I have

#1 where are you? bfe or major manufacturing area?

#2 do you have a trailer for local pickup or do they need to deliver it?

#3 do you a towmotor?
1/4 × 48 x 96 is 10.21 lb per sq ft or about 325 # and 1/2 like 650 #.

#4 do you have a truck/trailer?

Alot of questions but all relevant.

For example, I work at a machine shop so I order from our supplier and have shipped to work cod.

NOW my shop is tiny…I can not manipulate anything bigger than 48 x 48 onto my table. So manpower < towmotor so max by myself safely is 48 x 48 14 gage, or 36 x 48 1/8 in.

I get 3/16 " by 36 x 96 sheared lengthwise, I can get off truck by myself ( set one end down on ground at a time )and cut to shorter lengths and still have the 18" for bumpers.

I get several pcs of 14gage sheared. They strap to a pallet and it goes straight onto my truck or trailer.

I know this is getting long, but pre C19 my buddy would drive the 1/2 hr to pounding mills VA, they loaded his trailer down and would park it IN his shop use overhead crane with 6 sheet metal clamp things and set them off…no way in hell I could do that.


Size/weight isn’t my issue. I have a 1 ton F350 and an F550 stake bed w/ 3K lift gate, plus a 10K forklift. Portland, Oregon. Mostly concerned about pricing and best sources, tips & tricks for supply & material choices, etc.

Didn’t know how big, you got it covered there though.

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here in northern illinois i use and Ryerson steel mostly Ryerson has a warehouse 2 miles from my shop and speedy metals is in Rockford about 25 miles from me. i have a car trailer so picking up big sheets is not a problem, also have a 5k forklift.

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You need to change the address to

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Or they can click on my Speedy Metals address.

I use Ryerson Tull normally

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48"x96" 1/4 steel plate is $218 from a local supplier to me in Ohio.

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