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I have just learned one of the best things, IMHO, to the best cuts, i.e. corners, radius’, lead in/out, etc. Slow down your lead in/out along with your start and stops. In Sheetcam, create path rules. This will allow you to set the speed at which your cuts will go into and out of corners/radius’, i.e 45/90’s including lead in/outs. It allows you to turn off/on THC which makes the world of difference, IMHO. You will program the G-Code to due this. THC ON: H1 / THC OFF H0. Amazing difference! For me that is.

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I just started using path rules for circles and it has made a big difference for parts that need to be close. Not used them for signs/art pieces. Can you give an example of what your rule looks like?

Don’t add THC on/off commands. It’s not necessary, because Firecontrol turns off the THC any time the torch speed falls below 85% of the program speed. If you set a path rule to show down below 85% of the program speed, Firecontrol turns off the THC and turns it back on when the speed goes back up.

Your amazing difference is from slowing down for those features, not from adding the THC commands.


So the default “Holes” path rule in Sheetcam does not really need the THC OFF/ON commands. Is that correct?


I just saw you answered my question in another post actually. Looks like I will be removing the ON/OFF commands from that rule.

Yeah. Start and end codes should be “none”. Slowing down will turn it off automatically.