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What have you been doing with the Arcflat tables?

I’ve used it on a bunch of different projects and I have to say I love it.
It’s practically the same as a scaled down Bluco/Dimmeler table I used to have access to,
which lets me use the same techniques and tooling types (just smaller).

It’s been amazing to just clamp things down in whatever way you need.
Jigging for welding is fantastic, but I’ve used it to stick material out
to support long stuff in the mill or in the drill press.

My only complaint is clamps.
I made some out of Harbor Freight F-clamps and 5/8" bolts
and I use these whenever I can
over the $30 ones I got from Fireball Tool that articulate too much.
I’m hoping the ones Langmuir put out are more similar to the ones I’m used to
on the bigger/better (more expensive) tables, vs this first middling experience.

Here’s a project I finished tonight, making some screen-printing fixtures.
It was super useful throughout the project,
and the last time I made these I had no good flat reference
so being able to make them slapped down on the table felt so good.
Being able to do straight work feels amazing.


Pushing the limits of the tables and my space
I jigged a tallbike frame with it.

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