Settings for copper & brass versus steel

Since getting my table I’ve become more interested in making signs and decorative items than I anticipated. I want to use some copper and brass sheets to make some gifts and, given how expensive the material is, I’d like to avoid or minimize experimenting which leads to this question:

If you’ve cut brass or copper sheet please tell me.
For a given thickness of material starting with settings that work for mild steel what, if any, changes do you suggest I make?

TIA for any help.

What plasma cutter do you have? I have considered playing with copper sheets but my thought was to make steel design and press them into the copper sheets. A little different idea but still somewhat related to plasma cutting.

Crossfire with a Hypertherm 45 and fine cut consumables.

I have the same plasma cutter and use fine cut also. If you do figure out settings please send me a message.

From what I read, a good starting point is the settings for aluminum.