Settings for 3/8" 316 Stainless Steel

What settings do you guys use for cutting 3/8"? I’ve been doing some test cuts on some scrap metal but I’m starting to run out and this stuff is kinda expensive.

What plasma cutter brand you have and are you using hand torch or machine torch?

Machine torch on a Crossfire Pro

What is brand of the plasma cutter?

my bad. it’s a razorweld cut45.

Stainless cuts very simular to steel. Move a little faster than normal. 3/8 stainless is an expensive test coupon. I use F5 gas for my stainless instead of air. All my setting would be different. If you go too slow the slag will start fusing itself back together on the backside. Good luck
Start around 30 ipm @ 45 amps for 3/8 to start. 1 sec pierce delay cut .06…
I will say this. Not sure what your duty cycle is or how long you can run at 45 amps. Don’t try and cut some big project out and have the plasma cutter shutdown on you due to duty cycle issues. You may be able to run for several minutes or longer. I just don’t want you to ruin a very expensive piece of SS.


On behalf of the OP, thanks for the informative reply. I too would like to cut thick (5/16 or 3/8) with my RazorWeld 45 - but mild steel - not stainless. For a firebox for a smoker. Any help with setup for that?

Good Morning, The ballpark setting for 3/8 mild steel is around 39 ipm, with a 1.0 pierce delay. This will be at 40 amps.
5/16 will be around 43 ipm with 1.0 pierce delay 40 amps,
A word of caution when cutting 3/8 steel. The slow moving torch speed will blow out the water under the steel and could damage your water tray. With this being said, please fill water pan to its maximum capacity. Happy cutting!!!