Semi new user from SE PA

Hello, I’ve had my crossfire pro for a few months now but haven’t had a whole lot of time to learn the CAD side to use it as much as I’d like to yet. I’ve made a few things and started understanding fusion. I’m cutting with a powermax 65.

I work my day job as a millwright 7 days a week, plus automotive business on the side, and started to push the fabrication side of it all more and recently invested in powder coating equipment. Between my wife’s vehicles and my own that need it, it was a break even to get my own. All of this has minimized my time to sit down and truly learn, customers don’t like to wait. I’m building a Jeep xj and making it a tube chassis hybrid for myself which this should all be useful for

I’d upload some of the stuff I’ve cut out so far but the pictures are all giving issues uploading at the moment


You won’t be able to upload any photos/files until you have posted about a dozen times (I just made that number up…don’t know the actual number). And starting a topic doesn’t count. So post a few more times on this thread and some others, then you will see that you can upload a file. And, initially, it will only allow one file per post.

Welcome to the forum. It sounds like you are quite busy. Life seems to have a way of doing that. And, it appears you will have the makings of a very capable system.

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Ah that makes sense then. I did not see that key detail on my phone and all I got when I attempted it was 5 picture limit. I get very bad phone service too so I wasn’t sure what the issue was exactly. Thank you very much.

Yeah I’m always busy, far more projects and ideas than I have time. My wife works as much as I do also, we are both younger and no kids. Just like collecting vehicles and equipment

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I have not had success uploading from my phone. And that includes today. I have only been successful with uploads from my computer.

Welcome to the forum.

I see you are making a tube frame for you XJ. Are you gonna try and setup your plasma table to notch tubing, or do you have a tubing notcher? Reason I ask is there are several threads in the forum with guys discussing, planning, etc. Here is an example:

Adding a rotary axis for tube notching - CrossFire ® PRO - Langmuir Systems Forum


welcome aboard @gregmanz in in western CT so not too far from you.

I will have to look into that just to have options but I have a tubing notcher. Luckily a Eastwood store and the main NE warehouse is only 30 minutes away.

With the xj it’s more of a square tube hybrid frame/ fully plating and boxing in the original unibody with 1/4” since the xj uni frame is a little different than most since you can actually see two king rails

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Ah makes sense, the one thing I don’t have pictures on. Life can never be that simple