Selling my Crossfire Pro

I have a Crossfire Pro (Still in the factory shipped boxes/packages) that I purchased with full intentions of assembling and using that I regret I have no time for, at this time (no pun intended). I received the last of the shipment this past June. I had previously purchased and used the original Crossfire and loved it, which is why I purchased the Crossfire Pro. Anyhow, I have many irons in the fire and hobby’s which include fishing, building fishing rods, and honey does. I also have a daughter getting married this December. I have decided that since I have not assembled it yet, then I need to let it go. I believe in this company and their mission, CNC at a reasonable/affordable price. If anyone is interested I can be reached via email at, then we can speak on the phone. Thank you and God Bless America!

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