Selecting multiple 2D contours in Fusion 360 CAM

Has anyone figured out how to select multiple contours in Fusion 360?

Having to select each individual contour in a complex setup like a repeating pattern is very time consuming, I’ve searched everywhere for a solution and it seems that’s just the way it is, anyone have a workaround?

I was expecting ‘select same plane faces’ to do this but no joy.

Go back into design and extrude the parts to any thickness. Until its a 3d object according to Fusion it doesn’t have any faces. Then the select the same plane faces will work.


That sounded promising but still no luck for me! Can you see what I might be doing wrong?

Here is a video showing how to do it. If you’re doing it the same way delete you setup and try it again.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! :grinning::grinning:

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Yep, I agree… thank you very much, Hawk. That is saving me a ton of time and aggravation now.