Seattle WA fab shop

Greetings, we are a fab company in seattle. We just got our XR and putting it together. Pretty impressive so far. One crushed part but a hammer and the side of a heavy table fixed it easily. I appreciate the attention to detail in the workmanship, the packaging, and assembly information.

One month later… so i have had to caulk the bejesus out of the tray 3 times to get it to sop leaking. Do yourselves a favor and just weld it together right out of the box. I wouldnt install it how they have in assembly either. Square the frame, assemble and test the tray before putting on the frame. Goop between maybe. Good luck !!!

I am one of the lucky ones that had no leaks!

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welcome to the forum…yup…welding water pans is always the way to go

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