Seattle neophyte

Walter from Seattle. New just about everything related to this forum. Recently quit working and during morning coffee browsing, ran across this activity which sounded fun and challenging. I live close to
Avid CNC but the Crossfires ticket prices were more affordable so I placed an order.

After arm wrestling between Hypertherm and Primeweld for a couple of months, I ordered a 45xp and have also identified an air compressor to purchase next. So the wait time for the table is welcome while I begin learning how to install additional circuits into the garage. It is only February and my play budget for 2020 has already been reached or exceeded.

Looking forward to posting dross photos or oblong circles pleading for help. I’m learning a lot through the threads and posts of others already. Seattle has decent population of industrial shops so I’ve already scoped out places to dumpster dive for practice stock, as well as nearby sheet metal vendors.



This is great Walter!! That’s the right attitude for sure… You’ll get it in no time!! Looking forward to seeing your “First Cuts” from Seattle!!


I love your attitude Walter, you will fit right in here.

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Welcome aboard Walter. I’m pretty sure you’re an imposter. Lol

Welcome Walter,
Nice to see another Washatonian on the forum.


thank you, guys.

I have been pricing consumables including option to buy clone consumables and learned that with Hypertherms, it doesn’t pay in the long run so I spent a day pricing them from a variety of sources.

tip: all vendors are suppose to tack on sales tax to the purchase price. For WA state it’s 10%. only 5 states avoid this surcharge. I found that if you test the online ordering system part way, you can occasionally find a loophole and save some money if sales tax is not added (revenue generating oversight).

Also, if you leave items in your cart and go offline for a day or two, one vendor had a bot try and hook you back with an additional price drop. These tricks bundled with free shipping and the savings can be substantial. Managed to save over $600 in sales tax so far which should pay for the electrical service upgrade. Every penny counts, eh?


Walter, great to see there are others here in Washington with the Pro table coming soon. I purchased the machine getting close to retirement but also having never had experience with cad or CNC. I am a metal fabricator and welder and hope the Pro table will make retirement a lot of fun. I have received the first two boxes of the order and patiently waiting for the third box. After doing my research on cutters I too have decided to go with the Hypertherm 45XP. I know there is a lot to learn before I will ever cut my first piece. But I am getting excited about this new tool in my shop. I am over on the Kitsap Penninsula.

ddavis51 - hah, you and I sound like we’re both at that point in our lives and looking for challenges. I wish I lived in something larger than a shoebox, or had enough space to stack several shipping containers onto the property for dedicated shop space. I’m just north of Boeing Field

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I was unaware (not advertised) but when I placed my order for the Hypertherm 45xp 08123 from vendor (Baker Gas Welding) they allowed a 50% discount on a consumables kit. I paid full price under a separate order a day later which included the CPC cable, hand consumables and mechanical consumables. I wrote back asking if I can get credit and enjoy the discount after the fact as well as any discounts which we can expect WITH the purchase of the 45xp power supply unit itself. I will update after I hear from them.

testing - darn. I was hoping I could edit my post to include a checklist of sorts detailing my assemblage of (arriving) parts so I could keep track…or if folks wanted to comment. But I see that each time I edit an old post it causes my thread to jump to the top and I wasn’t looking for that to happen. I’ll think of something else.

I moderate a Mercedes as well as a truck forum and members can create a “Build…” thread of their vehicles. I was thinking that I could try to do something like that here.

You’ll be very pleased with the Hypertherm 45xp kit you purchased. I got the same one you did and ordered a ton of extra stuff. I’m still on the original set of consumables. This thing runs so good.

I have exceptionally pleased with the Hyp45xp.

Enjoy it.

I am not awaiting the Crossfire table and will use the torch on my truck bumper. I need to cut a couple
of holes for off-road rear lights. I don’t have a sheet metal bumper but closer to 3 gauge. This should be fun.

Where in Wa are you man?