SD Card reader no reading?

I inserted an SD into the MS4000 and it does not recognize it.
I checked the drivers and they say ok.

I am trying to run the break in program.

If you have wifi in your shop just download it from Langmuir site directly to the MS4000 and load it into FireControl. Otherwise, used a thumb drive and transfer/load it from that.

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Yeah no wifi in the shop. I tried hotspoting my phone but it’s really slow.

But my main concern is getting files to the machine. Both USB ports are being used so how do I transfer files?

@Showmemuny Something like this should work for you…

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Thx for the work around, I appreciate the help.

But I think the SD card reader should work, I was hoping Langmuir would step in and offer some help.

How is everyone else transferring files to the machine?

I just have a file linked on the internet so whenever I post a NC file at the office it automatically shows up on my computer attached to the langmuir.

I just use a share folder in Windows.

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I have a 4 port hub too. Just make sure the table is connected directly to the MS4000. Use the 2nd usb port for the hub then you can connect the wireless pendant(keyboard) and a couple of thumb drives in the hub and still have a spare usb connection as well.


I had tried the SD card as well. Talked to Langmuir about it later on and they said it wasn’t supported. Went to using the USB hub like the others show here

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Have you tried calling or submitting a support ticket?

No, I figured if it was a common problem we could share with the whole group.

I ended up just using the USB hub.