Sculpture Mounting Base Recommendations

I’m in the design process for a garden shaman sculpture that might be 6-7’ tall. Similar to image below. Any recommendations on a base approach, steel plate, concrete, etc? Thanks.

I made a tree sculpture few years back, roughly 8’ tall with a 10’ span. I used 1/2" plate and used 1/2" all thread rods with square washers embedded in concrete. I don’t have any pics of it sadly.

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That 1/2" plate must have weighed a ton.


At 20.4 psf that would be a pretty expansive plate (5’x19.6’) to get to 2K :wink:

…sorry @holla2040 the engineer came right out of me there… :wink: :grimacing:


Now you have railroaded the topic. We absolutely must see a picture now before we will rest…

…enough. I am too tired to wait. :smile:

We really would love to see a picture if you ever get one!!!


I will contact the proud owner and see if they will send some pics


Here is an impressive work that is near Lake Chelan. I smile when I talk about it because the artist has a plaque near this art piece and describes himself as “a very accomplished artist.” He IS, but his work would have made that statement lowder than him telling me.

Sorry for the lack of detail of the photo but you get the perspective of height/size. It is likely the base is in the framed platform. I believe the the primary support pieces, within the horse, were 1/2 inch but there are parts like the feathers that were likely 18 gauge.

Eric has me too scared to guess the weight. :weary: I think he uses new math or something. :upside_down_face: On gosh…I assume it weighs a lot. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :rofl:

Edit: If I were to guess, the base could be a sheet of metal and all of the gravel provides the ballast necessary to keep this horse and rider upright.


I’m a EE but must admit I have no idea what you’re talking about. :upside_down_face:

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If the legs are hollow, I would propose rebar into the ground (concrete below ground level) and lower the statue onto the bars. That way, the feet can appear very natural.


I’m thinking along those lines. I may lean towards a simplified version Ivan Iler’s Mother Tree, Ivan Iler on Instagram: "Making some branches;) #welding #fabrication #weld #weldernation #tigwelding #tig #weldinglife #metal #weldlife #metalforming #metalwork #handmade #migwelding #design #sculpture #welders #metalfabrication #engineering #custom #mig #weldaddicts #metalfab #weldingmachine #maker #makersgonnamake"