Screen protector for touchscreen

anyone have any luck with anti glare screen protector for the XR screen that works with touch screen. would love to get something put on it as soon as i decide to peel the factory protector. thanks!

I have been looking for one also. The only one I’ve found was on Amazon and it was sold out.
Wonder if the blue light filters would work?

I’ve added one but the anti-glare makes the screen fuzzy. would like to find a clear one

Do you happen to know exactly which one you used?

I got it off Amazon. Not perfect but it works. The top and bottom go about half way into the black border around the screen. The sides are just to the inside of the black border.

Anti Blue Light and Anti Glare Screen Protector for 22 Inch 16:10 Widescreen Desktop Monitor. Filter Out Blue Light and Relieve Eye Strain to Help You

Was hoping to find a good write up on this but think we are all in the same boat!? I found. 23” screen protector but like stated above it was matte. I took a chance and figured it would work fine but is blurry/fuzzy to the eye. Here is what I bought and also a picture of the screen with the protector on it