Screen not connecting

Hey all i have the 4x8 crossfire XR that came with computer and monitor. Most times it takes about 10+ minutes of cycling on and off the monitor to get it to connect (not sure if its actually helping ) its very frustrating. Ive replaced the usb and hdmi cables and still the same problem. Anyone have a fix for this?

Is this new? I would contact Langmuir

I also had this issue and decided to try connecting a VGA cable between the computer and monitor. Seems the HDMI cable might be an issue. After connecting a VGA cable I have not had a issue since. Not saying it will solve everyone’s issues but sounds similar and worked for me.

Good morning Merk!

If you haven’t already given us a call or an email at then you definitely should! We would love to help you get this issue sorted out.

The first step in diagnosing the source of this issue is typically checking with a different hdmi cable, which you said you’ve already done. The rest of the process is as follows:

Swap the computer end of your HDMI cable FROM the MC4000 mini computer to any other laptop or desktop available.

If the image from our laptop/desktop appears on the touchscreen, then for one reason or another, the MC4000 has failed.

If the “No Signal” message persists, and we have tried a new HDMI cable and a different computer, then we likely need to replace the monitor.

Feel free to contact us with the results to help us get you back-in-business!

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