Scoring between cuts on piece


I have a Crossfire XL with THC using a Razorcut 45.

I was cutting Robert Stadelmaier’s (Robert Stadelmaier | FireShare | Langmuir Systems) horse welcome sign from Fireshare and got some scoring marks in the middle of the piece today I hadn’t seen in a previous cut.

The full size sign with the scoring marks was on 14ga and the clean, reduced, version on 10ga. Based on the Razorweld cut chart I used 40amps for both cuts though it appears that 40 was really too high a setting for the 14ga. They were cut on different days with the 10ga piece cut first.

Any advice on what could have caused the scoring? Do I have a functional problem, signal interference on the control lines to the plasma cutter, just too high an amperage for the cut?


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Somehow the 2T/4T button must have gotten pressed… should be on 2T or top LED lit.


Definitely the plasma cutter got set to 4t on the bad one.

Thanks both! I’m complacent and don’t even look twice at that setting I guess :confused:

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