School on how to use langmuir CNC Plasma cutter

Are there any schools to teach you how to use the computer to run the CNC plasma cutter? not a computer guy at all. I am in Pittsburgh PA

I believe @brownfox offers one on one instruction over Zoom…


well…you are in for a decent learning curve…not a huge one…but steep enough…

As Tom said…brownfox offers this I believe…

what software are you looking at using for design and post processing?

I think fusion 360 or Inkscape and I may be even telling you wrong I don’t know enough about it honestly I’m just learning I’ve been rebuilding cars for a long time my cousin was getting a crossfire pro and I got the crossfire off him

Yeah I’m still doing it here and there. Although I’m steering away from those who have trouble navigating email, file locations and what not. It’s no fun to explain computer basics, but lots of fun to explain workflow and design.

I removed myself from the Facebook groups, they are full of people posting the same crap over and over, asking for help daily, and getting shotgunned with crap advice. I truly believe the Facebook groups are doing more harm than good for people trying to troubleshoot their tables.

There are plenty of YouTube videos out there explaining things, as well and Langmuirs own tutorials, but for some people nothing beats a one on one explanation and the chance to ask questions until you understand things.


ok…since you do not know much at this point you need to get a few things organized since you got this table off a friend.

  • is it an older table that runs on Mach3 or is it a newer table that runs Firecontrol…ask your friend…
  • there are many design software’s out there…too many to mention…
    but only 2 programs that do the post processing…that means it takes your design file and converts it to TAP file or Gcode…

once you have that information some of us are going to be able to help

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I upgraded to fire control also put z-axis on machine the machines only about a year and a half old

I did not know there is a Facebook group…

There are two of them, but they are too frustrating for me to even be in a part of anymore. Not saying I’m always right, and if I can’t help I’ll bow out, but there is just a shotgun advice approach there and you will end up chasing your tail.


Jon is right…half of them shoot from the hip the other half just complain…

if you are new…as I was a year ago…keep it simple…

I have CAD experience and hated Fusion360 for design and processing…

I went Inkscape for design as it is free and lots of videos to learn from on youtube

then I bought Sheetcam from Langmuir…again…lots of videos out there…

and within a few weeks I was designing…doing copies…and cutting…


Thank you I will look for them.

I like to look at different points of view and different perspectives. Especially when learning something new. It would be helpful if they know what they are talking about.

I am new to all this and have ZERO experience or knowledge in this. I am not the one that would be helping. LOL I am the one that you are complaining about I will ask the same question in multiple places and multiple times to try to figure out who seems to know what their talking about. (Tough to do online)

I am sure I am in way over my head but I want to do it so I am jumping in Head first wish me luck… LOL

It’s not the new people asking questions that are frustrating. It’s the new people asking the same question or complaining about their THC every day, without providing new information, who don’t seem to be taking the basic troubleshooting steps on their own, or get offended when you ask for more information. People seem to want free help on their terms, and sorry, that’s not always going to work out.

The most important part of learning this, is understanding how everything works and what the workflow is. There are different ways to achieve the same end result. You also need to know what the variables are.

In order to successfully run this machine, ANY cnc plasma, you need to understand air cooling and filtration, plasma cutting basics (speed amps nozzle size ect) moderate to advanced computer skills, CAD or graphic design skills, understanding of different materials and how to clean and finish metal.


I am not disagreeing with you. I understand your point.

I know none of that but I want to learn. One step or one issue at a time.

Thank you

Yeah I just didn’t want you to be discouraged from asking questions.

I charge $50 an hour for what I teach people, and I think I do pretty well explaining everything. If you want to get a jump start on things let me know, just send me a message on the forum.

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Thank you Very much I will keep that in mind as I move forward. I just ordered so there is still time.


I put my crossfire XR together a couple weeks ago, i started learning inkscape and sheetcam before my machine arrived. Frustration has set in at this point, my full time job limits my time so much I have been looking for someone who can help me get over the hump and start cutting. I have cut a test file, straight cuts. My issues seem to be taking the file from sheetcam to firecontrol, i originally purchased sheetcam on my laptop and i am having trouble transferring it to my tables computer. I could use the help if you have time to take on another newbie wanting to learn this trade. I live in Moore, Oklahoma, Thanks!

I am interested brownfox, my email is Not sure how you prefer to communicate. I appreciate it!

You might find someone local if you add location to your message

Thank you! I am in Moore, Oklahoma