Saving modified file in Fire Control, will not fire torch and out of date error

I noticed this a couple weeks ago, and it did it again yesterday.

Load a F360 generated cut file into fire control.

Rotate to fit material, and start my cut. Cut fails (variety of reasons up to and including THC fail).

Start a new cut from either loop or line where the torch left off or nearest recovery point. Sometimes it will pick it right up, sometimes it does fun stuff like not fire the torch, and the cut speed is increased in an order of magnitude (was 7ipm, now torch moving at 60+ estimated).

Having experienced this type of fail before, I started saving my rotated and pick up from the first fail file in FireControl rather than reload, rotate, then pick my new needed start position.

However when I try to load that file again, I get an error “NC file is out of date/obsolete” or something to that extent insisting that I update the program. It does some sort of conversion and then asks if I want to open the converted file. I say yes, and when I start the cut, it will not fire, just starts following the cut path at what ever Z height it was at when it went to the start pos.


I don’t know about much of what you are experiencing but what I have heard from many is that even when you “Start a new cut from either loop or line” they say that you need to put the torch back at work zero before hitting START. Somehow that triggers the full response with IHS, etc. Perhaps you did that? or not.

As for

I have heard that this error will be thrown if the correct starting and ending signature is not seen in the g-code:
Langmuir adds:
H0 is written into the preamble of every program to ensure that the machine controller has
control of the Z-Axis to perform the IHS sequence:
G90 G94
H1 is written once the torch has fired, delayed, and moved to Cut Height - before starting a cut
loop. Once the cut loop has finished and the torch must retract for the rapid to the next cu, the
Machine controller needs to be in control of the Z-Axis so an H0 is again written, generally
before the Torch Off (M5) command.
And the last line of code must be: M30 - end program
The very last line needs to be the program speed (cut speed) in parenthesis like (PS120) so this
will appear as:
Version Comment
The First line in a FireControl Posted Program contains a comment that identifies the version
of the post processor that generated the program. This comment is intended for use with the
two Langmuir Systems supported Posts: Autodesk Fusion and SheetCAM.
Note: If you are developing your own post, be sure to use either (v1.6-af) or (v1.6-sc) in the Wrst
line of your program to ensure that FireControl will accept it. If you publish your post online,
please make Langmuir Systems aware by contacting our support team and we can assign a
character code for your post so that future versions of FireControl will accept it without
needing to mask as Fusion or SheetCAM.
G90 G94

Ok. You are talking senior trig to a 5th grader here. All I know about Gcode is that is the program that makes the CNC machine do it’s thing.

Now if someone was bored and wanted to verify or duplicate my issue…I am on a trip and will be away from my toys for 8 days


I included too much and buried the lede, so to speak. If the g-code lacks something like this in the beginning:

And something like this at the end:

Then it might give that error:


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