Saving fusion files to laptop

I’m want to figure out how to save my fusion files to my laptop instead of keeping them all in the cloud. I may eventually switch to a different program. I know i can export them, but wondering what file type i should use to make them compatible in other programs? .dxf?

DXF format is probably a safe bet.

I’m pretty sure you have to use the ‘export’ feature from the menu list to take a design file and move it off to disk, that gives you a “save as…” menu where you can pic a location on your computer.

I typically keep a file of source dxf’s on my computer (and usb key backup) so I’m not totally tied to Fusion360 in case they get anymore restrictive on their licensing.

If you exsport to a dxf it has to be converted in the cloud first.I just export to my desk top the fusion save file then I can open it back up any time.Think it’s a f3d file.

How do you take the F3D file and make it work in the program for Langmuir control box ?

Read through this, it will explain what to do.

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