Sasquatch Wall Art - 16g steel

Well for the most part it turned out pretty good, however I had to do some post cut processing because my ground clamp wasn’t on my material all that well and I think I was running my air pressure too low.

If you do watch the video you’ll notice that at one point the cutting stops and I attribute that to the two points I just made.

All in all lots of piercings on this one, and I learned an immense amount on how to use Fusion 360 and gravit for svg sketches. :+1:t4:


if your compressor is smaller then just do a manual pause on one the the travel lines…hit the pause and let the compressor catch up then continue…

nice work…

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I think its 30 gallon 2 stage dewalt. I may upgrade it. She has blown and served me well. :rofl:

I never even thought of hitting pause! Good compensation idea!

30 gallon is smallish…I have a 20 single stage dual head…but I have a 60 gallon reserve before the plasma…works great…but I still hit pause now and then to clean a bit and give the compressor a chance to catch up

I agree, time to use pause until I get a bigger unit. Anything you would recommend in the 60G? I have had had this unit for more than 10 years.

If the borders were opened up, I would head down to HF in Washington and consider one of their larger units.

Toolboy when you say “pause on a travel line”, what does that mean exactly?

Also curious if there is a way that people instruct this in fusion 360, so it’s consistent?

Basically just hit pause in between cuts. there should be a setting in the post processing part in fusion to add pauses. Can’t tell you where since i don’t use fusion but sheetcam has a setting to pause after every cut. you can set the amount of time you want it to pause.

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Is there a preferred spot to insert a pause? (straight line, inconspicuous area, etc)

when the machine is traveling between cuts…in other words…if finishes one cut then start to move to the next cut you just pause FireConrtrol with the screen button…wait a while then “resume”…

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