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I just received my XR and looking forward to assembly. I will be cutting mostly thin gauge sheet metal, but who knows where things will develop. I’m mostly a DIYer and have a job to pay the bills.

I have a 30x 20 shop and its pushing maximum density at this point as I have a lot of wood/metal/machine equipment. I tend to be a hoarder (so I have been told), but I’m fine with that.

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Welcome to the forum!

I think you have lots of company of ‘hoarders’ here! The old adage it true, tool acquisition will always exceed the available space. (And never be enough!) :rofl:

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Old hoarders never die…they just get pushed into a corner and covered with other old items…


I’m like you in the hoarding area. It’s gotten bad enough that I’m seeing it myself. I know as soon as I throw it out I’m going to find that place that I kept it for all those years. My hobbyist history is similar in the woodworking equipment evolving to more metal working. I have an XR ordered and I am in the process of carving out the space to assemble and use this monster size machine. It seems no matter what size your shop it’s always falls a little short of our needs/wants. I’m looking forward to receiving my XR and putting it together and learning to use it. Until then, and after I’m sure, I will keep reading about everyone’s adventures in building and using these marvelous machines.

Welcome to the band of misfits! :beers: :rofl:

Had to build a shed for the stuff displaced by the Crossfire Pro… the wife gets to continue to park in the garage.

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Hopefully the ‘shed’ is, at least, 20x30 and has its own 200Amp service! Oh, and insulated too. With heat pump, of course.

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I made my first cut last weekend with my Pro. Everything; assembly, software install, post processor, machine function went perfectly. No issues.

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congratulations…keep up the good work

Thanks! I’ll try my… huh? Oh, you weren’t talking to me? um, sorry…

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