Sales or product discounts

I am considering one of these tables. I just discovered them a few days ago. I was wondering how often they run a sale or discount on the order. I see there was a sale Memorial Day. Thanks ahead of time for any answers.

Some youtubers have discounts through their channels…Think mancrafting has a link for 100 off.

I got mine on a memorial day 10% off. Not sure how often they’ll do something similar

I wish I caught the memorial day sale. I will checkout the affiliate links Heath. Thanks for the info guys.

I jumped on the Memorial day sale, the thing is so much fun I would not bother waiting for the next sale to come around, while it is a few bucks, a week or two or more is just not worth the wait for me. I just happened to catch it when I had the wife convinced I needed it.


Ya talked me into it. I ordered today!

You will not be sorry, download fusion and start getting used to it if you have not already.
Lots of video watching for me.
Got the hang of it mostly now thanks to @jamesdhatch.


Thanks for the advice CT golfer. As a matter of fact I’ve been at it all day and was just about ready to upload my first CAD drawing. I guess I should wait till I see if it works first.