S80 Everlast Machine Torch

I’m moving around some of my plasma units and I have an Everlast S80 Machine torch that I will be replacing with a hand torch in the next few weeks.
It’s in very good shape and looking to sell it, I also have the extended machine torch holder that would be for sale as well.

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Might be interested. Curious why you are going from a machine torch to a hand torch?

I am going to sell my original crossfire table that I am using the 80s Everlast plasma cutter with a machine torch and I’m going to move my Everlast 50s (with hand torch) over to it when I sell the complete table and torch. I used the 50s for hand cutting but want to keep the 80s for hand cutting because of it’s ability to go thicker.
My new pro table I’ll be going a different route for the plasma cutting.
The 50s is plenty big enough for using on the 2x2 table and will make someone a pretty good system.

For what I was doing on the table the 80s was overkill and I normally cut at 35-45 amps.

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I currently have the 50s machine and it works great. What brand is the machine torch