RW45 manual trigger not firing

Does anyone know why the torch will only fire if im using Crossfire all of the sudden? I typically remove torch to manually cut scrap pieces of 16 ga.

Corrosion from water splashing. I would say

Is there a way to fix something like that or am I SOL?

So you can still fire your torch with firecontrol and cannot use the manual trigger to fire the torch.

If that’s the scenario I agree with @Phillipw . Your contacts are probably corroded in the trigger switch. If you can get to them you could try to clean them up. Or that switch maybe a replaceable component.

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I have had to take mine apart and clean. It isn’t hard just small screws can easily be lost.

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Thank You Fellas…Ill give that a try.

Lol et us know how it goes. May need some electrical cleaner.

I took the torch apart…seen no corrosion…seen that my consumables were pretty spent…changed them all out and she fired right up.
Thanks again for your help.

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right on

Weird that it would fire with the torch through firecontrol but not fire the torch with the trigger because the consumables.

I’m happy you fixed your problem.

Maybe the cap interlock was not making contact and somehow it’s not in the loop on the CNC interface. Replacing the consumables probably cleaned things up.

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@TomWS that does makes sense.
The consumables not complete seated leaving the cap switch open.

Yes the cup pins that complete the circuit to the trigger ( safety) were most likely dirty or stuck in and not making contact.

When hooked to the table this is bypassed (no safety).

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