RW45 consumabale issues

35 amps - I know this to be to high for the tip…
As dry as I can get 65 psi
.08 tips

So from reading here for the past 2 hours, it turns out that I have an IPT/PT torch?
Which one though? PT40/60?

Admitting to using cheap knockoffs from ebay/amazon for consumables and getting fairly decent cuts. Not using the table for business; however, I am selling enough to pay for steel and consumables.

Last cut was 2-weeks ago, was an address sign that turned out fantastic. Today I went to cut some butterflies, I drained my air tank, checked the ground was still attached firmly and put a new electrode and tip on. The swirl ring is the stock one that came with the tool in February this year.

First cut ran for about 15 seconds, then the arc shut off (ground? connected to drain -I’ve always used this). Looking at the cut, it hardly pierced. Forgot the other item in the checklist - check and correct the height. Set to the larger shim and restarted the cut from the beginning. Same thing happened.
Checked the parts and found the attached pics…
What did I do wrong? Too tight, not tight enough? Is the swirl ring shot? When the cup is installed, should the tip be able to push in?
I’m pretty sure the consumables are shot, but what about the torch? Haven’t seen this before.

Any insights greatly appreciated,

Its a IPT40 torch. Looks like a new torch head and all new IPT consumables. The work clamp need to be on the metal being cut not the table.

Thanks Mechanic, I appreciate the reply.
Figured I was down for awhile.
What do you think caused this? Incorrect consumables? Ground?
Or ???

First there is no (ground) it is the work clamp and cable. In this case it is positive as the torch is negative. This is what completes the circuit for the plasma cutter to do its job. What caused it, incorrect consumables and a bad positive connection would be my first guess.

Got a pic of the rest of the tip?
Looks like the electrode shorted to the tip.

No marks on the tip other than these…

When the retainer cup is installed, should the tip be able to push in? I’ve been tightening so that the tip does not move.

Thanks all, as you maybe able to tell, I’m new to this!

Just snug is all you need
Too tight and that’s what happens


Update: I put new consumables on, tightened the retainer cup to just snug - the electrode was still able to push in.
Cut this butterfly- looks as good as the first cut I ever did!
35 amps - I know this to be to high for the tip…
As dry as I can get 65 psi posted on the RW45
.08 tip
130 IPM

Dross came off very easily with pliers.

Learning for me: Do not over tighten the retainer cup!