RW-45 cut chart

Hi guys, I had a link to a downloadable chart by Douglas Kronemeyer for fusion but I could not get it to open once downloaded, and now I can’t even find it after MUCH searching. any help ? also is it worth having ?

The best cut chart is the one you make for yourself. 45 amps, 75psi and the ipm that yields the best cuts.

There is no real reason to turn the amps down as the kerf will be almost the same at all amps because of the orifice in the cutting tip being 1.0mm/.040".


Thanks George, That’s what I’ve been doing so far so guess I’ll just stick with it. and the consumables I got from you seem to cut very nice, Thanks.

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Your goin to have an awful short cut time at 45 amps… Rw 45 has low duty cycle

That applies to all machines right?

No, only to plasma cutters that only have one size cutting tip.