Rust on steel how to clean

I have an opportunity to get 4 by 10 ft 14 gauge sheets of metal but they been outside for awhile and have rust on them. Any ideas how to clean them up before they get cut on the plasma cutter? Appreciate any information thank you

you might as well cut them while rusty and clean them after… they are gonna rust again anyways.

good soak in vinegar works good.

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new at this with my langmuir 2 by 2 table which I know I have to clean off a contact spot to ground the metal. Be able to cut the metal. Using a 45 XP hypertherm plasma cutter with the langmuir table. I upgraded to the fire control software. I still have to get everything set up before I can make my first cut. I am getting a 4x10 sheets for free I just want to make sure I can clean the rust off cut something then prime them so they don’t rust again after I’ve made project.

I cut em rusty then clean the individual parts, usually with a wire wheel or soak in vinegar.

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Which will also take care of mill scale, it’s a twofer suggestion :slight_smile:


Thank you for the info

use a flap disc on an angle grinder to clean up the spot for the “ground” clamp. Give the finished parts a good soak in some dollar store vinegar.(per everyone else’s recommendation)

I find these to be the fastest and most economical way of removing rust on large flat areas:

You can place them flat to get the full wheel at all times with no jerking from an angle grinder. They last a long time if kept flat. I’ve used quite a few different 3M products and none would last as long or allow full flat wheel use without bucking bronco.

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Thank you for that advice I greatly appreciate it and I appreciate everyone else’s info.