Rust on bottom side

Is it normal for a brand new table to have rust on the bottom side. Bought it 2weeks ago but just opened it up to put the legs on and saw it was rusty on the underside of it.

image image

I’ve used this stuff on other projects.

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It’s untreated ductile iron. It will rust pretty easily.
Probably sat at port or in some sort of moist air environment for a bit.

Not a big deal at all.
You can treat it with whatever you want, if you really care.
Mine have gone through periods of rust when the moisture in my shop is too great,
but I’ve got a heat pump in there now, so it should stay a lot drier.

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Did you removed the casting sand? I just received mine last week. I opened the box and the first thing I see is the bottom which is caked hard with the casting sand. My first thoughts was I need to remove this or it will collect moisture and rust, specially here in Florida. I spend some time with a scraper and a wire wheel. Need to do some more and spray something.

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Hmm well it does look like caked on sand… it’s rough… didn’t even think to try to scrape it off, I thought it was like cooled molten metal.

Some areas I had to really scrape hard, that is when I grabbed the 1/4" angle grinder with a wire wheel. I need to buy another wheel to finish it which will be a pain now because I assembled the legs and set it up. Here is a pic of the bottom.

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Yeah I could have done without the 5 lbs of casting sand left in it. Took a 4" wire wheel and some smaller ones in a drill to get most of it out.

Pretty common… Underside of my brand new 17" bandsaw table had a 1/8 layer all over.

Still waiting for my tables to get here…

I used a needle scaler from Harbor Freight to knock all of the sand loose, worked really well. I blew on some rattle can primer on the bottom of the block after the sand was gone.


Just wire wheel it off, might want to use a drill or a grinder and need for a face shield wire and sand hitting you could be on the rougher side. Yea toss some primer on it or I perhaps use cast iron paint.

I used my needle scaler and then painted with rust reformer.

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