Router conversion

Ok so I’m here to rehash terrible topics. A lot of people have spoken about trying to convert the pro or the OG to a router with the z axis not being able to handle the router / spindle, but would the XR have the same issue. Personally I would only be cutting 1/2 PVC sheets, so little to no resistance and planned in 3d printing the tool holder for proof of concept then getting the model made in aluminum. Let me know why it’s a terrible idea and I’m dumb :blush::us:

Im curious if you did this

just to update on this topic. i finally got around to screwing with this. my porter cable router stripped down to Motor and mounted to the z axis. spliced it the torch on and off to turn the spindle on and off and used the altered post someone here had posted. will get back with the appropriate credit. anyone else interested in this should give it a try. i just did a small test with .125 router bit and did fine as far as the gantry didnt seem stressed out or any of those kind of worries. now to throw on the spoiler and my sheet to cut.

I never posted the above. That was last week, i am routering a design for mil bday atm and will have some plasma cut elements as well. Anyone wanting to try a router on their xr really should. Its working fantastic. Now to just get 3d carving to work…

Laser head is next!

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