Rounded outside corners

I’m using a CrossFire with Fusion 360 to generate gcode for Mach 3.

I am importing DXF files from RHINO into Fusion, creating gcode and running Mach 3. I’ve been able to dial in a clean cut, however my corners keep getting rounded.

Anyone have any suggestions what’s going on??

BTW- I’m new to all of this so forgive my ignorance if this is a simple setting:)

@langmuirsystems, this thread should probably be moved to software/fusion 360 category where it might get more attention.

It would be helpful if you added some details about your power source, material and settings (cut height, amperage, voltage and cut speed) as well as images of the design and the actual cut part. Lots of helpful people here and the easier you make it for them to help, the more useful responses you will receive. Without knowing more, reducing speed might help. I am a newb myself and I highly recommend spending the $140-150 for a Sheetcam. It is absurdly easy to use. For this specific problem, it gives you the ability to loop the corner. That means the torch will travel past the corner, make a full 360% loop and reenter the cut path at a sharp 90 degrees to the first pass.

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