Rotate then cant rotate back

Playing with firecontrol after assembling my pro and spun a part 90 deg, then wanted to spin it back to its original spot. Can’t enter “0” as a value. It will however accept “.00001”. Am I missing something?

I also see that the zero is offset/wrong with the part being rotated. From googling it looks as though this has been a long existing problem.

Is it possible to run the PRO off mach 3? The rotate function is something I rely on quite a bit (coming from the OG crossfire to the PRO).

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The scale and rotate functionality is totally reworked in the next version of FireControl. We’ve been saying this is coming soon for a while now and we’ve baked a ton of new features into it which has taken longer than expected.

It should be released this week.


Can you guys toss some more keyboard shortcuts in there real quick while you’re re-arranging things?If you can I’ll buy you all beers and even supply some electric lettuce if you’re ever up in Canada!

Thanks for the reply - stoked on the update.

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@ktice we likely can’t fit more shortcuts into the new 20.5 software release but we can consider them for future releases. Which shortcuts were you looking to see implemented?

Pierce and Program Speed + and -
zero x,y,z

@langmuir-mike I often just cut 1 off parts or pieces so I have to try nest things individually. Zero all axis or even just zero XY would be sweet. Also go to zero would be incredibly useful for me.

I’d kill for those two functions to be shortcuts so I could map them to my xbox controller.

Those two functions would save me walking back and forth to the laptop to zero every time I want to move the zero point. I have to move the torch around the outside perimiter of the cut and make sure the part fits where Im planning, if it doesnt its:

walk back over the computer hit go to zero,
back over to the table and move the zero point up and over half an inch with the controller, back to the computer to hit zero on the XY
back to the table to jog the torch around and make sure it fits