Rolling base for pro

My pro is due to arrive and I was planning to build a rolling base for it .I am not sure of its final resting place yet as neither of my newly completed shop incorporated a pro in its design .
I was going to incorporate some levelling feet .Its should be pretty straight forward but has anyone built a frame already and could share some pics?

hello my fellow Canadian…

there are many many threads on this…with lots of pictures.
waiting for people to repost pictures may be a long wait…

if you use the magnifying glass at the top right of the page you can search and find a lot of information and pictures.

Leveling feet
base frame
bottom shelf

once to start to search and see things you will be able to refine the search words and find all the information you want.

Thank you very much ,I havent been able to dedicate the time to learning this forum format.
I did a quick search but will try again using your key words… Happy belated Canada day.

Here is mine, I will use the leveling feet that come with the frame. Just waiting for box one🕜

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here is mine


Interesting… your water tank looks very reminiscent of the base to my basketball backboard… hehehe…

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Works great hahaha…

I’m just finishing up mine and getting ready to cut.


I built my frame so that the feet slide into sleeves and also made a couple of shelfs, this way I can adjust it by just replacing the spacers inside the sleeves. I thought about pinning the sleeves so that it would make adjusting it easier, however after putting it all together I’m happy with the height for now.
I’m in the middle of fabricating a new caster design, I found that if I don’t move the table around enough the soft material on the casters start to build a memory (flat spot).


That is an awesome and very tidy set up.
Thanks for sharing.It looks like the cable guide mod is popular .I will have to do that.

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Nice (although I can hear @mechanic416 approaching, ready to blast you for having the PC under the table :rofl:
I wonder what it looks like now that you’ve done a ‘few’ cuts :wink:

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Thanks for the compliments, I have a mini PC mounted to the back of the monitor using the VESA mount. I also have a secondary pan that’s ready to be mounted under the water tray to protect the welder, UPS, and tool box just in case there is any kind of a leak.
Unfortunately, I still haven’t fired this thing up I’ve been using my original unit for the few projects I had over the past several months. This fall I should get more time to play with it cutters but for now I’m just way to busy with my motorcycle adventures.

Under most circumstances this situation would border on the pathetic!

This is definitely one of those exceptions! :beers:

Good Day ,can you tell me what size square tubing you utilized for your base ? Yours is similiar design to what i had in mind . I would like to order it and have it on hand for when my pro showes up .thank you

kingspeedy1 the tube size is 3/16" wall x 2"x2".

I used receiver hitch tubing 2.5" which gave me a little more spacing in the sleeve.