Rolled Steel Sheets

Hello All,
I’m interested in seeing how some of you unload heavy sheets of steel. I have 10 gauge 4x8 sheets and I believe they weight near 180 pounds each. For my wife and I to carry is a bit much and my shop isn’t large enough to have an engine stand to unload it with magnets and a hoist.

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I slide it off my trailer and into a hydraulic table cart then cut down to size by hand, or put it on my welding table the roll it to the crossfire.

10ga sucks to move around manually. Last time that I cut some 10ga, I moved the table to the middle of the garage. Then backed my truck up close to and slid it off right onto the table.

14ga is about the max that I want to move around by hand. I’ll be looking into a used fork lift for the thicker materials.

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@brownfox - Thank You!

@TrademarkMetalworx - Thanks for the response!

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I just slide it back on the tailgate of the truck and cut it down to Crossfire size with the hand torch.
Have to use a saw horse so the pieces don’t get warped when they get cut off.

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I use this method too - I got one of these at Harbor Freight a while back and they are great…

There is a smaller one a little cheaper, but look for those sales!

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here is what makes me sick…
your cart from is $279.99USD which is about $369.89 Canadian…
for the same cart here they want $649.99 Canadian which is $469.20USD

dam wished I lived in the states sometimes…only sometimes…

This was a key component of my recent bumper design and install. Could not have done it as well and as easily.