RH Y-Axis Carriage slip

I need some help please. I just purchased the Crossfire Pro and i am having issues with getting the RH Y-Axis from slipping. I have adjusted the bearings several times and everything seems to be adjusted. If i jog at 50 it doesnt seem to stall at all. Once i got to 100 it does it very little, but as soon as i go to 200 its stalling/catching a lot. What are some things i can look at?

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Make sure your motor plug is making a good connection. Be sure to do that with the power off the control box. Then mark your lead screw couplings and lead screw and motor shaft with a marker. Run it at a speed it will stall several times then look to see if the coupling is slipping

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This video explains how to tighten the coupler. Note: There are some variations of couplers being used based on times when machines are shipped.

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