Reversed Directional Control?

I have been looking through the forums for a bit but haven’t found anyone related to my issue.

Basically, my X axis is reversed. I press right arrow ( +X )… Table goes left ( -X ). does the same with programs. On the break in program, the origin is the bottom left corner. When i try and run the program, it crashes the X axis until Y gets to +23 and then the x axis will move down and to the bottom right corner on break in program. Basically like X is flipped or something. I checked wires… is there a setting to reverse X axis in mach 3?

Thanks for the assistance. Table just arrived today.

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Hi, just to be sure, do you have the motor cables plugged into the correct plugs on the electronics box?

If so, then either the mach3 cofiguration was corrupted when it was installed, or we wired something incorrectly. After you verify the motors are plugged in correctly, we can go from there.

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I’m like 99.9% sure they are correctly plugged in but I will re-verify tomorrow and post back my results. My Y-axis works perfectly… just X-axis is flipped.

I will also un-install and re-install Mach3… I’m thinking it’s got to be software related.

Thanks for the quick response!

Just re-installed all the software along with the motion control plug-in. No change to X-axis. Going to try pulling off both motors and swapping my Y-motor into my X axis and seeing if it fixes it.

Ill post my findings

Hi @mcbrizzle013

There is either an error in the internal wiring of the motor, or an error in the motor driver wiring. Thankfully it’s an easy fix!

The picture attached shows the inside of the electronics enclosure. I have circled in red the wires that connect from the X axis stepper motor to the X axis driver. To fix the issue, disconnect the red wire and the green wire from the plug (you will need to a small flat head screwdriver to loosen the set screws so that the wires can be pulled out of the plug). Reconnect the wires in the opposite orientation. In other words, the green wire should go where the red wire used to be.

After you do that, reinstall the cover and turn the power back on. Your X axis should now jog correctly.

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Copy that! i just swapped the motors and still no fix. So i will open up the electrical box tonight after i feed my hungry family some dinner!

Thanks for the quick response! Your customer support is unmatched!!

Ok, please let us know how it goes for you.

All of the wiring harnesses get individually tested and then the electronics enclosures get final tested as well. During that test we check for proper motor direction among other things. However, we use the same two motors to test all of our electronics boxes. So either we need to start testing the motors as well, or bolster up our electronics testing process. Looking forward to finding a root cause based on your feedback! If you wouldn’t mind, can you take some pictures with your cover off and post them here?

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The swapping of the wires fixed the issue. Program and keys are working perfect! Appreciate the assistance Daniel!

Now just need my plasma torch to deliver!

Thanks again!


Could you please post this same info for the Y-axis motor? Mine is jogging backwards.

Should be the same deal. The Red and Green wires in the other connector visible.