Retrofit fire control onto other brands

so i run a shop that currently has a delusional designs freedom series 4x8 and the machine is currently held together with my tears, hopes and dreams. i have been using an XR recently while my table is down, and the software is good. i guess my question is, is there any way to retrofit the new hardware onto an old plasma table? the only thing i can see being an issue from what i have to the upgrade kit that LS currently sells for the crossfire is that my table isnt lead screw, it is direct drive. is there a backdoor way to change these settings in the firecontrol software? if not maybe LS might be able to start selling retrofit kits if they add the capability in for this. A simple calibration setting into the software would make this possible.

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I saw a post within the last couple of months where someone described changing the steps per inch value using a GRBL control program. Search for that. Firecontrol uses GRBL engine with modifications, but the parameter registers seem to be the same as a standard system.


I believe this is the link you were referring to:

This is just the start of the discussion.

@ChelanJim , Yes, that’s the one. The point being is that a CrossFire Gen 2 control unit could be moved to another CNC table even if the Lead screw pitch is different because the GRBL parameters ‘tune’ the system to move a certain distance for a given number of steps.

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Thank you guys! That is very helpful information. I’m very familiar with grbl. My current table runs on an arduino loaded with gerbl and I’ve had to replace it many a time

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