Resize part in SheetCAM

How do I change the size of a part in sheetcam (I mean that literally, I’m not talking about zoom in or out)?

From Sheetcam creator himself:

When you open a new part in Sheetcam, there will be a pop-up box that allows custom scaling. Only method in Sheetcam. Otherwise, resize in a CAD program.

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Thank you for helping me out.

@TomWS Those tools don’t show by default in my Sheetcam. Where is “Object” found?

I’m not seeing object anywhere either in the SheetCAM manual, are you sure your not thinking of corel draw or some other CAD program?

My bad!!! I saw ‘SheetCam’ and read ‘Inkscape’. I’m sorry about that guys! Maybe I should go back to bed… :flushed: