Request a software walkthrough or tutorial video

You sent the g-code. Although it may have information that is helpful, he won’t be able to correct your drawing from it.

TinWhisperer is looking for either your DXF file or preferably the file that Fusion exports (xxx.f3d).
Here is where you create that file:
Then it opens this dialog:

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I actually believe that given enough time @TinWhisperer could take all of our g-code files and recreate the drawing. Sounds like an interesting contest. But…he might have a reversed engineered g-code compiler: that would not be surprising.

It won’t take much time. G code ripper can convert code to a DXF.

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Ok Thank You. I wasn’t entirely sure what he needed but thanks for the clarification. I’ll get uploaded asap so hopefully I can get this straightened out.

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Your SheetCam setting for filetype could be incorrect.
Go to Options->Machine Options->PostProcessor


Im having difficulty getting my thc to move up and down to start a test cut just put my crossfire pro together

@jod Welcome to the forum.

can you move it up and down through FireControl without running a program?

change the feed rate to 50 ipm and try the hot keys pg-dn (down) and pg-up (up)

Does it move smoothly ?

can you provided a picture of how our torch is mounted in the z axis .

Maybe start a new topic about your issues and more eyes may see it .

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Thc will not move everything else works fine

lets make sure the z axis moves before we worry about the THC.

can you check to make sure the cable plug for the z axis is fully seated in the electronic enclosure.

also you should revisit how your torch is mounted, Do NOT clamp around the black section of the torch barrel.

Move the upper clamp to the 3rd hole down and then flip over the whole red torch holder and remount the torch.

*Can someone post an image of the torch mounted correctly please… @defiancewelding I know you have one .

When you turn on the langmuir electronics enclosure is there any noise or hum coming from that motor?

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Got it fixed thanks

What did you determine the problem to be?

What was the solution?

May help a future reader.


For future reference and to help people understand your problem correctly, the THC is the computer chip. The thing that moves the torch up and down is the Z axis.

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Im new to this so i had to zero all my axis points

As much as I think I know about Fusion 360, I keep finding out I really don’t know that much. My issue that is perplexing me is simply making my simulations more visible. I have tried to apply appearances to bodies but that seems lost during the simulation of the CAM. (I get lost in the menu options)

You videos and the simulations are always so easy to view. What am I doing wrong?

The example I am giving did not actually use “bodies.” Here is a screen shot of Manufacturing and it is the “Rings” tool path that I am currently working on. They will be cut out of 1/4 steel. The CAM process is pretty straight forward as I have put each ring on a separate projected sketch.

Rings & Brackets.f3d (216.1 KB)

Thank you in advance. No rush on this one as my projects are backing up right now.

Lets check this out on the live stream.


Thank you!!! Perfect!

We’re beginning the computer and software setup on our Crossfire XR. We already setup a user name and password. But now that we cam back the next day to finish the setup, the computer won’t recognize the password. Is there a tutorial on how to reset the computer and start over?