Replacement Swivel Joint for Crossfire XR?

We had to move our Crossfire XR and while we were re-aligning it, one of the swivel joints broke. I’m trying to find a replacement but the ones on McMaster Carr don’t appear to be threaded like this one.

Does anyone know where I can get a replacement?

I would contact langmuir, they have direct support for XR users and I’m sure that they’ll send a part your way ASAP.

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Okay, I tried calling the other day but it went to voicemail and I haven’t heard back yet.

Looking at the part again, I think I was mistaken. It looked threaded at first glance but now it looks like it was just marked up by the socket head screw. A standard 1/4" swivel joint should work.

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You use the number specific to XR customers?

" Crossfire XR customers are entitled to receive over-the-phone technical support with one of our Technical Support Engineers.

(936) 235-3991


If we are not available, please stay on the line to leave a message for our team."

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Oh, weird. That’s the number I saw on the website, but when I clicked it actually called 833-526-4797. I’ll try manually entering the number.

Thanks very much.

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I have a XR what is that you are calling a swivel joint? Have a picture?

In the assembly instructions they call it a “rod end bearing” but on McMaster they call it a “swivel joint”

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Ok now I see thanks. If the one that came on the XR was a swivel type I would think that would work

The overall thickness of that one above is not the same. I believe this one matches the specs better.
ID= .025
OD= 21/32
Overall thickness= 3/8

Part Number 1071K12