Replacement slatbed

How can i order a replacement set of slatbed bars? I have cut so much stuff on mine, ive already flipped, rotated, and sanded them, and they are about due for replacement.

Wow. That’s excellent! Love to see people using these.

Did you rotate them too (my outer edge ones get less use than the inner ones).

I hadn’t thought of buying them - I figured I have a plasma CNC that should be able to cut slats. Need to do it as an indexed 2 part job to get the full length but that’s a pretty common CNC trick.

I was thinking on cutting them on the plasma table by setting it up diagonally on Fusion.

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Good idea. I haven’t maesured it but seem possible. I’d put the material on the diagonal as well as the slat. That would keep them square to the steel and reduce waste.

Easiest would to have your steel supplier shear them to size and cut up an entire sheet of steel. Could get well over 100 slats out of a 5x10 piece.

how about 2" flat stock cut to size?

@Mikal_M We have replacement slat packs for sale. Shoot us a message on our Contact Us page and we can get you taken care of. Eventually we will have these in our online store for purchase.

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How much for the set?

Have you had any issue with tip ups with the current spacing of the table slats? We were cutting a file with a lot of small fallout pieces and on a few we couldn’t get them pulled out in time because they caught on the slats. We were thinking about adding more slats so the pieces won’t fall through. I would like folks thoughts.

Hi Mert,

First be sure to use the ‘keep nozzle down’ function in fusion so that the torch rapids around tipups instead of over them.

For added insurance, consider increasing the dwell time after each cut loop (and before the torch rapids to the next pierce point) so that you have additional reaction time. I did a post on here a few months back on how to increase the dwell in Mach3 but dont have the link at my fingertips. Should be easy to find though!


Hi Daniel,
I’m using SheetCam not Fusion. I’m not sure there’s a nozzle down function like in Fusion. I will check tomorrow.
I’m still learning the software and haven’t used dwell time yet. I will see if I can find your post.
Thank you so much for your help.

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