Replacement power switch razorweld 45

Does anyone have a part number for the power switch on a razorweld 45? I was cutting heavy today and I think I traced it back to a burned out switch.

Not sure what your asking here. What happened to think your switch went bad?

The cutter stopped mid cut. It was still in the on position and no power to the unit. Went to to flip the switch to turn it to the off position and it switch is frozen.

There are numbers on the side of the switch to tell you what amps and volts it will handle. Seen this a few times when the cover on the switch does not leave it make full contact and arcs the contacts.

Get me the numbers and measurements I have a lot of switches here might have one.

Awesome thanks George really appreciate it. I tried looking the damn numbers up and I get close to the actual switch but just a little off. Rleil RL2 16 (4)A 250V 1E4 T125 /55

I will chick tomorrow and see if I have one like that. I really hate those switch’s some are to small for the hole and some are ti big. If its to big a file and your in. If its to small then it needs to be shimmed.

I bet it’d be nice just to have exact parts. Good thing I got a 3d printer makes life a little easier when it comes to modifications when you need them. Really appreciate it as long as the numbers are good I’ll make it work.