Removing the legs!

Have a friend who has a CFXL who wants to upgrade, but he’s in another state. How easy is it to remove and reinstall legs to possibly transport the CF in a pickup bed? Worried about the legs flexing around if it stays put together. Is it possible to remove them and carry with the table top sitting upright and taking care with the upper frame/table?

If i was going to buy a used assembled table, I would get some light angle iron and self tapping screws and go around the legs toward the bottom. Then do something with the open end of the gantry rail so it didnt move during transport… But thats me. Some wouldnt want the holes in it . But a few tiny holes vrs sprung outa shape is a easy decision to me.

… Or, pieces of 2"x2" pine and a bunch of stout zip-ties. Same to support and secure the gantry. Just my $0.02 worth

:+1: thanks! Good ideas, I figured things needed to be braced/stiffened for transport…

Good luck with it and good find!:grin: