Remote switch for primeweld cut60

So my table and plasma will be pretty tucked away when they are in their home and I am considering ways to turn on my plasma and table remotely. I asked in the pro section already about running the computer from a switched receptical but and pretty sure that it will work out. The plasma though I’m not as sure… If I leave the plasma on, and wire a 50 amp switch to send power to the unit will I damage anything. I know the family continues to run after the switch is turned off, is this just a precaution incase someone turns it off right after high load? And I circumnavigate this by just letting the machine idle a few min before I turn it off?

Usually on 240v, the switch would be a ‘disconnect’ and it would be a box like what your AC is connected to maybe with a lever on side. There aren’t many “switches” that will safely break 50A if you’re thinking like a standard light switch - I’d imagine zero in code for residential. There are ways to do it, but make sure you are in code - 240v 50a circuits like to kill things that don’t respect it.

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Thanks for responding to both my posts. Always feels good to have others check your logic. Or at least me lol.

Yes typical " switch " would be a fused service disconnect for 50 amps . And will use that if I have too. I was considering this switch.

But wanted to make sure the sudden loss of power to the plasma wasn’t an issue first.

That’s an expensive industrial switch - yes it can be done. I’m not sure what your scenario is exactly (shop or home, etc), but I’d just use the switch on the back of the machine and save the $$$. Also, you’d have to get an electrician to be sure - while this could work, it may be against code depending on situation. I’m no code hawk - some read like they were designed to help various companies sell product, but I do respect that they are mainly for safety - esp if this is in a residence with kids around. Best of luck!

You can use the circuit breaker in the electric box to turn the plasma cutter on and off. You will also have to make sure you turn the compressor on and off also. You could also run a circuit for the computer and controller from the breaker box. Then turn everything on and off from their.

I contemplated just running a sub panel over the the corner and using the breakers like you suggested but can bring my self to do it. Iv never liked the idea of using the breaker to disconnect power on a regular basis. I’m also thinking I will branch off the 220v circuit and drop a receptacle by the roll up door so I would obviously need to not have the plasma powered up when I have one of the welders plugged in on occasion.

Im leaning towards just running the table from the switch and just lugging the plasma out to turn it on and off. I like that first switch but I’m not sure what kind of startup loads the plasma makes and cant seem to find much info about the switch.

The power switch on the Primeweld Cut 60 is a 60 amp circuit breaker. I use the circuit breakers to turn on and off everything in the shop but the lights.

Maybe I’m just unlucky… iv replaced all the cb that double as power switches at work multiple times , granted that’s only 5. Even with switch rated breakers they dont seem to last more than a year or so.

Interesting the primecut switch is an actual cb. How do they maintain power to the fan after the switch has been flipped ?

If it’s like my miller, the capacitors keep them running for a little bit until they bleed off.

Makes sense, would have thought fans would have a more gradual shut off if they were running off residual power from the capacitors but I guess they are pretty small.

Maybe later I’ll plug it in and trip the breaker and see if what happens

Yours may have a shut down sequence / delay where it ramps up the fans for a few seconds and then shuts down. Biggest issue shutting down quickly is heat - if the unit is run hard and doesn’t get to have the fans cooling off it could shorten the life of the components. Just give it a few minutes to cool down if it’s been running hard and you shouldn’t have any issues.

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